Little Mashel Falls

Pack Forest, Trailhead at Smallwood Park, Eatonville, WA

Trail Statistics

Elevation: 500 Feet

Distance: 4.0 Miles

Trail Details

Little Mashel Falls Trail is a challenging but worthy journey for your kids. This trail is renowned for its natural beauty and captivating waterfalls, offering hikers a memorable adventure. Our trail map focuses on the route from Smallwood Park to the Middle Falls, a cascading gem nestled within the heart of the wilderness.

Starting at the trailhead, you’ll be surrounded by towering evergreen trees and a serene ambiance. The path begins as a well-maintained dirt trail, gently meandering through the forest. As you walk, take in the fresh scent of pine and the tranquil sounds of nature, immersing yourself in the serenity of the surroundings.

As the trail progresses, you’ll encounter small streams and rivulets, enhancing the scenic charm. Be sure to watch your step and navigate the occasional rocky patches, staying mindful of your footing. The forest canopy provides a natural umbrella, casting patches of dappled sunlight on the path, creating a delightful interplay of light and shadow.

After approximately 1.5 miles of hiking, you’ll hear the distant roar of rushing water growing closer with every step. The anticipation builds as you approach the Middle Falls viewpoint. Around the final bend, a breathtaking sight awaits.

The Middle Falls emerges before you, a majestic display of nature’s power and beauty. The waterfall cascades down a series of moss-covered rocks, creating a mesmerizing symphony of water and spray. Stand in awe as the falls plunge into a crystal-clear pool below, filling the air with mist and a gentle coolness.

A well-positioned observation area allows you to take in the spectacle from a safe distance. Here, you can marvel at the Middle Falls, capturing photographs or simply sitting in quiet contemplation. The captivating energy of the waterfall is a true testament to the wonders of nature.

For the more adventurous hikers, a short side trail leads to a lower vantage point, providing a closer view of the falls. Exercise caution on this path, as it can be steep and slippery. However, the reward is a unique perspective, allowing you to feel the sheer power of the cascading water as it crashes below.

When you’re ready to continue your journey, retrace your steps back along the trail, taking one final look at the Middle Falls, etching the memory into your mind. As you make your way back to the trailhead, cherish the tranquil atmosphere, the rustling leaves, and the gentle whispers of nature.

Remember to pack out any trash, leaving the trail as pristine as you found it. Little Mashel Falls Trail to the Middle Falls offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and waterfall enthusiasts alike, leaving you with a lasting appreciation for the raw beauty of the great outdoors.

Pro Tips 

  • There are no bathrooms on site.
  • Bring extra clothes x2.  Pack a set to carry and keep one in the vehicle… just in case.
  • Ensure your kids stay close to you when you approach the falls.  It can be slippery, so encourage them to go slow and use their hands for balance if you are going close to the falls.
  • If you are limited on time I would avoid trying to get to the upper falls.  The trail is usually muddy and requires some scrambling, and the views do not come close to what the middle and lower falls offer.
  • Before you head out, check out WTA’s trail reports.

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