Porter Falls

Capitol State Forest, Elma, WA 98541

Trail Statistics

Elevation: 450 Feet

Distance: 2.1 Miles

Trail Details

From Hwy 12, make your way down some rugged one-lane roads (I took my minivan out here with no issue).  Follow signs to Capitol State Forest and Porter Creek Campground. Once you pass the campground, you will see a small clearing to park.  If the lot is full there is some day-use parking .7-miles back down the road. Discover Pass is required. 

This trail will challenge younger families, as the trail will initially start with a climb, with switchbacks.  Tell your kids to stay on the switchbacks, as they may be tempted to take some steep shortcuts, resulting in muddy hands (and butts).  After the initial climb, you will make your way down.  The trail is single-tracked and often muddy.  When we went out, we found our way past a 10-foot mud puddle and two fallen trees.  

Once you reach the waterfalls, be careful with getting too close!  Many will scramble down the rock to get closer to the water, but it is slippery, very slippery!

Pro Tips 

  • There are no bathrooms on site.  There are plenty of places to take a squat, but be prepared to pack any solids out.
  • Driving directions via GPS are not great.  From Hwy 12, follow signs toward the campground.
  • Before you head out, check out WTA’s trail reports.

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