McLane Creek Nature Trail

Boardwalk on McLane Creek Nature Trail

Easy trail, some of which is on a boardwalk. Lots to see and explore off of the main path. Depending on how you and the family feel you can make this a 1 mile or 2+ mile hike thanks to the double lollypop shape. Take breaks or have a picnic along the trail at one […]

Mima Mounds

Mima Mounds Observation Deck

Easy 2.75 mile hike, mostly exposed, with only 10 feet of elevation.  The hike can be shortened to 1.5 miles if you take the short loop.  The first portion of the trail (and last) is paved and is interpretive.

Mima Falls Trail

flower growing out of a tree stump at Mima Falls

Moderate 5-mile hike with a couple of challenging hills for kids. The trail is multi-use, so you will see folks on horseback and on mountain bikes. Plenty of wildlife, bridges, and water features to keep kids engaged. We planned for lunch at the falls, which I highly recommend. There’s only one picnic table, so bring […]

Brewery Park Tumwater Falls Trail

Grandma walking with granddaughter across a bridge at Tumwater Falls

Tumwater Falls at Brewery Park. Fun and Easy trail with several waterfalls. Fish Hatchery at the start of the trail will excite kids. Recommend timing your trip with the salmon run in September to October. You’ll see chinook salmon migrating back through the ladders, and it’s a great time to spot other wildlife.

Priest Point East

View of the Garden at Priest Point

Family favorite in Squaxin Park (formerly Priest Point Park). Priest Point East Trail is an easy hike that a family can do in combination with other Olympia activities. Recommend knocking out this section prior to the farmer’s market or Children’s Hands-on Museum to burn some energy off prior to hitting up crowded areas

Four Cedars Trail

Giant Douglas Fir ad Cedar Tree at Four Cedars Trail

Recommend hitting the most challenging part of this trail upfront by heading uphill and counterclockwise. This provides your kids an offramp when you come to the intersection with Twin Creeks Trail, QT Marker 6, .9 miles into the trail. If you take on the entire trail, you will encounter a few hills as you make […]

Mckay Marsh Nature Trail

McKay Marsh Overlook Picnic Area

Knock out this 1.5-mile trail clockwise or counterclockwise. Many yellow markings on rocks and trees will guide you along the loop. The northern part of the trail is on a tank trail, so be careful of vehicles (rare). My family runs this trail counterclockwise to save the bridge for the end. Before crossing the bridge, […]

Discovery Park Loop Trail

lighthouse at Discovery Park in Seattle

3-mile loop in Seattle’s Discovery Park with the additional hike to the lighthouse.  Trail is marked well with posts to help avoid confusion in the spiderweb of trails within the park. Mom tip: Start at Visitor’s Center and work counterclockwise to end the hike near the playground.