Nisqually Estuary Trail

Nisqually Estuary Boardwalk

My sea-creature fan son loves this trail. Depending on the tide, more than half the trail is mudflats or water, depending on the tide (starting around the 1.25-mile mark). The […]

Sequalitchew Creek

Kid Hiking Activity Scavenger Hunt Trail Map for Sequalitchew Creek Trail

The Sequalitchew Creek Trail is a beautiful hiking destination located in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s rich in history too! Along with the natural beauty of the trail, you can […]

West Hylebos Wetlands

West Hylebos Wetlands Family Friendly Hike

Welcome to West Hylebos Wetlands, a beautiful and family-friendly trail that offers a unique outdoor experience in Federal Way, Washington. Stroller-friendly and rails on the boardwalks will dissuade your kids […]

Darlin Creek Preserve

Darlin Preserve

This easy, well-marked, trail is tucked away, near Capitol State Forest. No passes are required to park in the designated area. There is one porta potty at the trailhead, which […]