Newsletter: April 2023

Quest Trailblazers!

Today, we are launching our premium membership, giving you access to all of our scavenger hunt trail maps. Thank you for your continued patience as we create trail maps and build out our website.  As a way to say thanks, we are offering a FREE year of our premium membership to the first 25 people who use the discount code TRIAL at checkout.

For anyone else, basic membership is free, but premium memberships are currently only $14.99 (50% savings).

Family Hike-of-the-Month Events

We have been blessed to meet so many families on the trails, and we can’t wait to meet more.  With our hike-of-the-month post, we will start hosting monthly events at trailheads.  Here are our planned events:

  • May 6th:  Nisqually Estuary Trail at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge
  • June 24th:  Ellis Cove Trail at Squaxin Park, Olympia, WA
  • July 15th:  West Hylebos Wetlands, Federal Way, WA

Free basic membership is required to view our hike of the month and to register for our events.

Company Updates

We are beyond thankful to be doing our soft launch today.  Thanks to the team at Bella*Life for helping us design and manage 

Our time in REI’s Embark Program is ending at the end of the month, but we look forward to future partnerships with this amazing company! 

We aim to create more trail maps this summer and partner with kid camps, communities, and kid-friendly events.  If you think we would be a good fit somewhere, reach out to us! Again, thanks for your continued support! 


Dani @ Quest Trails

Danielle Biering

Founder of Quest Trails

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