Newsletter: February 2023

Hi Friends!

I’m excited to announce some big upgrades as we get set to launch this spring. Since our last email we:

  1. Made our website easier to navigate. Our trail maps are now easy to filter and search for.
  2. Reduced barriers to downloading products. Guests can purchase one trail instead of signing up for a premium subscription (available March 28th). The checkout process is more straightforward and requires no unnecessary information to be entered, saving you time and giving you peace of mind.
  3. Developed version 3 of our Trail Activity Map. We took feedback from early adopters and made the map more appealing to kids. The map and scavenger hunt are on one page making it more manageable for kids. The map is also easier on your printer’s colored ink!

Quest Trails Map Version 3

McLane Creek Nature Trail Overlook

Kids looking out on a pond

Take a hike! McLane Creek Nature Trail

This month we are featuring McLane Creek Nature Trail in Capitol State Forest. It’s the first completed and kid-approved trail activity map we have. As a special treat for your continued support, we are providing this trail activity map for FREE until February 28th. Use the coupon code: BetaTest

Canyon help us out?

We need your feedback! Fill out this 5-minute survey, and you’ll be entered into a drawing, where one respondent will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. One entry per household, please! The winner will be drawn on February 27th, 2023.

Amazon Gift Card

New Quest Trail Activity Maps

To summit up

Again, thanks for your patience as we get set to launch. Stay updated on future events and posted trails by following us on Instagram and Facebook! Hope to see you and yours out on the trails!


Dani @ Quest Trails


Founder @QuestTrails

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