Family Hike-of-the-Month: November/December 2023

McLane Creek Nature Trail

The salmon are spawning!!!  Salmon are making their final stop on their lifecycle journey.  Look at this incredible event closely by checking out McLane Creek Nature Trail in Capitol State Forest.

This is a year-round destination.  We usually head out to this trail in February/March to see the rough-skinned newts and in November to see the Wooly Bear Caterpillars and the Salmon Spawn.  Note:  The later you go in the spawning season, the smellier it will get.  My daughter hates the smell, but my fish-loving son can’t get enough of seeing (and smelling) the full lifecycle.

The scavenger hunt map covers the full 2.4 miles hike, but families with little ones will appreciate the short walk to the first viewpoint (.25 mile) most of which is along a boardwalk.

Hope your family has a chance to check it out.  For a scavenger hunt trail map of this trail, sign up for a basic membership (FREE) today!

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Tumwater Falls

< 1 mile trail at Brewery Park by the Fish Hatchery

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Grab Salmon Spawning Curriculum for 4th-8th Graders from the Thurston Conservation District

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