transform hikes into adventures

Empowering families to reach new summits by providing
downloadable, kid-friendly activity maps, curated for trails in the PNW!

Drama-Free Hiking

Little legs and little understanding of goals/distances add to much frustration for your kids. As parents, we want our kids to share a passion for the outdoors. This desire often turns hikes into a forced march and leads to disdain for the experience and resentment in our relationships. Quest Trails equips parents with kid-friendly maps and curated scavenger hunts to provide a shared understanding and goals and motivate their kids on the trail.

Empower your family to reach new summits with Quest Trails

Quest Trails activity maps are curated for each trail. These simple maps provide multiple benefits to families:


Set expectations and create a shared understanding of goals with kid-friendly maps

Family working on a hiking scavenger hunt


Engage kids with activities that cultivate a passion for the outdoors

Young Boy Working off of his trail activity Map


Create memories using quest trails as a launchpad for imaginative play

Sister and Brother with a cardboard pirate sword pretending they are on a treasure hunt


Build resiliency and grit by getting kids Physically active and motivated to lead on trails

grandkids leading a hike with grandma

Our inspiration

Find out how QuestTrails was inspired and developed.

Manage Expectations

Learn from others how to manage your children’s expectations and also your own.

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